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The Newnes Ruins Walk

About this location:

The Newnes Ruins Walk is an amazing trek to walk if you love your abandoned building/old broken down ruins. It is like visiting the set of an Indiana Jones movie… So much so that I walked around humming the theme song. Well… Not Really but it is very cool! :)

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Myponga Beach

Date Added: 14/06/2015

Myponga Beach | South Australia

Myponga Beach photo
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Location Details...

Added by: Phil Bissett
Contact: About purchasing photos or Chat about location

Address: Old Jetty Rd
Suburb: Myponga Beach
Postcode: 5202
State: South Australia

Good For: Hdr, Landscape
Best time: Sunset

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Myponga Beach photo

About this location...

Being very new to photography I was just driving around having a look for something a little interesting to take photos of and I'm not sure what made me think to go to Myponga Beach as I'd never been there before. But go I did and I found the remnants of an old jetty which seemed a good start, plus a rickety old wooden bridge so I snapped away hoping to get something half decent.

You'd be able to get good sunset photos and those who have a clue what they're doing will get much better photos than I have. The beach itself is small and not particularly pretty but there are some cliffs around that I didn't have time to explore properly as light was fast fading.

The area was very quiet and seemed like only locals about so it was really easy to take photos without worrying about people getting in the way. The road there also offers a few decent opportunities for landscape and wildlife photography.

I intend going back on a fine day to see if I can get better photos. Due to my severe lack of experience these photos are untouched by any software other than using Photoshop to convert from RAW to JPEG.