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The Grampians National Park is spread over a large area, and has multiple fantastic spots for photography. These include the Pinnacle, Mackenzie falls, Reeds lookout / The Balconies, Boroka lookout and heaps of others.

There are also fairly tame wildlife around for those wanting to get a little closer. Easier ...

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Bilgola Beach

Date Added: 15/03/2014

Bilgola | New South Wales

Bilgola Beach photo
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Location Details...

Added by: Rob Potter
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Address: Bilgola Beach
Suburb: Bilgola
Postcode: 2107
State: New South Wales

Good For: Hdr, Landscape, Sports
Best time: Sunrise

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Bilgola Beach photo

About this location...

Bilgola Beach is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and is a funny little location to photograph. What I mean by that is it is one of those places that I have been to a couple of times now but for whatever reason, find it a little hard to shoot…

The main attraction at Bilgola Beach would be the rock pool situated on the right hand side as you walk out onto the beach. As far as rock pools go, it is quite long and has fantastic old rusted water pumps at either ends. It does also seem to be very popular with swimmers...

If you continue to head around to the right past the Bilgola rock pool, you will come to an area that hugs the shore line and is filled with rocks of a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as nice pinks and oranges.

I have also seem some amazing photos taken from the right on a plateau high above Bilgola Beach shooting back over the rock pool and towards the headland. In fact, it was these images that made me head out there in the first place.

Did you know: the name Bilgola originated from the Aboriginal term 'Belgolua' which means, swirling water.

Bilgola Beach is good for:

Landscape Photography:

If capturing rock pools is your thing and you have access to the Northern Beaches then you may want to check out Bilgola Beach. Due to its length and where it is situated, the rock pool can be a little challenging to photograph but with a little imagination hopefully you will be able to walk away with a couple of keepers.

Lifestyle Photography:

As mentioned the rock pool is a hive of activity with swimmers getting in their daily lap quota. The beach itself also seems to be quite popular with surfers chasing waves. So there is an opportunity to capture people going about their activities. Just please be considerate...

Couple Photography:

If you are looking for a place to go to take a happy couple for a photo shoot, then Bilgola Beach would be well worth the look. You have quite a nice beach which doesn't seem to get to busy and could also include some photos from in and around the pool.

Best time to photograph this location:

I have only ever visited there at sunrise but I honestly think that this is the best time to capture this location. That way you get the sun coming up from behind the rock pool which will hopefully add some extra colour to your already spectacular photographs.

Getting to Bilgola Beach:

Bilgola is approximately a 45 minute drive from Sydney. Just be careful not to miss the road that runs down to the beach as it is a sudden turn located on a bend. Once there, Bilgola Beach has a generous sized car park for those that are planning on driving there, although it is metered.

If you are needing to catch public transport, buses would be your best bet.

My Rating:

Out of 10 I would rate Bilgola Beach a 7. As I mentioned, it is one of those places that I honestly seem to struggle to capture, however that doesn't mean you will. I think the trick to this location, more so than others is getting a good sunrise. If you can get a good sunrise this location becomes a whole lot better.

Happy snapping,
Rob Potter

Bilgola Beach photo