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The Rookwood Cemetery Line used to be a part of the Sydney suburban network now known as Sydney Trains. The line serviced Rookwood Cemetery and was built in 1864, opening on 22 October 1864.

With the closure of the Town Hall and Devonshire Cemeteries by the mid-19th century and an ever ...

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Harbour Master Steps Sydney

Date Added: 16/10/2013

The Rocks | New South Wales

Harbour Master Steps Sydney photo
7 out of 10
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Location Details...

Added by: Rob Potter
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Address: Circular Quay, Harbour Master Steps
Suburb: The Rocks
Postcode: 2000
State: New South Wales

Good For: Hdr, Landscape
Best time: Sunrise

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Harbour Master Steps Sydney photo

About this location...

The Harbour Master Steps is a little staircase on the left hand side of Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour just up from the ferry terminal. These steps run down to the water and give you a nice little angle to photograph the Sydney Opera House that is not obstructed.

I stumbled across The Harbour Master Steps accidentally one morning when I was on my way to the Overseas Sydney Passenger Terminal to photograph sunrise and saw it to my left. Passing it by I thought that it was too good a photography opportunity not to explore further. I was certainly glad that I did stop.

It is a pretty cool little location with lots of little lights and textures from around the stairs if you’re using a wide angle lens, or (as mentioned) across the water to take in the Sydney Opera House. You just have to wait for the occasional ferry to go by…

The Harbour Master Steps is good for:

Landscape Photography:
I will be honest in the fact that this location is a little limited due to its confined space (platform) so while you can easily set up a tripod, move around by yourself and capture some amazing landscape photos of the Sydney Opera House I certainly wouldn't be taking a group there.

The best time to photograph this location:

The best time to photograph the Harbour Master Steps without a doubt would be sunrise. From here, you will get the sun coming up from behind the Sydney Opera House and should be able to capture some great photo opportunities.

Getting to the Steps:

As mentioned, the Harbour Master Steps are located in Sydney's Circular Quay which means that it is very easy to arrive at via either public transport or (if you can get parking) by car.

My Rating for the Harbour Master Steps:

Out of 10, I would rate the Harbour Master Steps a 7. The Sydney Harbour Master Steps will not be for everyone however it does offer a cool little perspective to photograph the Opera House from and for those that do like this photography location, it will hold a special little place in their heart.

I like it. =)

Thanks for reading,
Rob Potter

Harbour Master Steps Sydney photo