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Little Bay Beach, NSW

About this location:

I first heard about Little Bay Beach from a landscape photographer native to Maroubra when photographing Mahon Pool one morning. He had mentioned that it was one of his favourite locations and the fact that I had not heard of it pipped up my curiosity of it that little bit ...

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Pick of the Month | Before & After

Before Post Processing | Observatory Hill Sydney | Photo taken by: Rob Potter
After Post Processing | Observatory Hill Sydney | Photo taken by: Rob Potter

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Sylvia Falls

Date Added: 08/04/2013

Wentworth Falls | New South Wales

Sylvia Falls photo
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Location Details...

Added by: Alex Taylor
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Address: Fletcher Street
Suburb: Wentworth Falls
Postcode: 2780
State: New South Wales

Good For: Wild life
Best time: Sunrise, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset

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Sylvia Falls photo

About this location...

Sylvia Falls is one of a plethora of waterfalls located in the Blue Mountains. This particular one is one of a number in what is known as 'The Valley of the Waters' in Wentworth Falls. The location is best accessed by parking at Conservation Hut on Fletcher St. Branching out from there are a number of different walks but for these falls you will need to follow the Empress Falls track. The walk is classified as a moderate to hard track due to the steepness of some of the stairs taken to get down however the walk is relatively easy going on the way down at least. The walk covers two major lookouts which will allow you to look down the valley before descending under the canopy to first Empress Falls and very shortly there-after, Sylvia Falls. For just about all waterfall photography I would very highly recommend a circular polarising filter be used for best results and don't forget to enjoy all the steps on your way back up to your car.
Sylvia Falls photo