The Wedding Cake Rock

Date Added: 05/01/2015

Bundeena | New South Wales

The Wedding Cake Rock photo
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Added by: Marco Arevalo
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Address: Beachcomber Ave
Suburb: Bundeena
Postcode: 2230
State: New South Wales

Good For: Hdr
Best time: Sunrise, Midday, Afternoon

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The Wedding Cake Rock photo

About this location...

After an hour and a half walk we finally arrived at this Wedding Cake Rock in Bundeena, New South Wales. Sitting on the edge of that rock was actually hair-raising specially when you look down the cliff, but the view was breathtaking and indescribable.

Closest address: Beachcomber ave, Bundeena, NSW, Australia

Drive down to the Beachcomber ave in Bundeena. You can park your car right at the end of the street then walk your way to your first stop, which is "The Balconies" (about 10 to 15mins walk). Follow the trail and guides that will lead you to the Wedding Cake rock. The walk is approximately 1 hour and a half including few minutes of resting and picture taking. Make sure to bring 2 litres of water and a camera. Enjoy :)

Note from Editor

When it comes to visiting Wedding Cake Rock or any other photography location for that matter, please be diligent in the following 3 areas:

Do not vandalise:

All of the locations that are shared on Photography Hot Spots, by you and others, is shared so that other photographers can visit them as is and capture their own great photos. Please do not vandalise this or other hot spots!

In particular with Wedding Cake Rock, it has been brought to my attention that the reason that the rock here is so white is because there is no iron in the sandstone, which means it is very brittle. Recently people have been drawing on it with chalk and while this may actually seem to be a fairly harmful act, the rock is actually being destroyed.

Please take your rubbish with you:

This follows on from what was mentioned above, but if you do go to Wedding Cake Rock please take your rubbish with you. This location is in a National Park and our National Parks should be treasured so that others can enjoy them as well. So please take your rubbish with you when leaving this location.

Please stay safe:

Wedding Cake Rock is basically a cliff and people have died here. Please be-careful when visiting this location and other locations in Australia that may or may not have a fence but are near or on the edge of a sheer drop. No photograph or silly jest is work you loosing your life over.

Thanks so much and happy snapping! :)

The Wedding Cake Rock photo


9 thoughts on “The Wedding Cake Rock

  1. Rob PotterRob Potter

    Thanks so much for sharing The Wedding Cake Rock Marco. It looks like a great little location. I was actually at Bundeena checking out the wharf that is there a while back and would have loved to have known about this… Oh well – Now I do. 😉 Thanks again.

  2. Marco

    We’ve been trying to find this place for a while but we can’t find the exact location online. I’m glad that we found this place and would love to share this to everyone.

  3. melissa

    I think showing a picture which encourages people to venture to the edge of sheer cliffs is irresponsible. A young person died from a fall from the edge of a cliff like this in the park when venturing to the edge for a photo a while back and of course died. Please think twice before you show this type of photo.

    1. Rob PotterRob Potter

      Hey Melissa,
      Thanks so much for sharing your concerns. I think that you raise a really good point and would certainly recommend people use caution when visiting an area, be it Wedding Cake Rock or any other, where there is any chance of injury or even death.
      Thanks again. 🙂

  4. Helen Armstrong

    Thanks for your amended notes. I live in Bundeena and am happy to welcome considerate visitors. It’s always worth asking a local if you need directions.

    A temporary fence has been put up by National Parks because there are concerns about the safety of Wedding Cake Rock, there is a gap between the Rock and the rest of the cliff face and it appears to be widening. National Parks are doing detailed survey work of the entire cliff face (using drones – sounds fascinating). I have been told that there will be a detailed article in Sunday’s Herald (31 May 2015). You can still point your camera through the fence, I believe, to get some good photos without taking risks and without getting fence in view.

    There are also other lovely places in the area to check out. Near Wedding Cake Rock along the Coast Walk is Eagle Rock. Also further south is Figure Eight Pool. Wattamolla is gorgeous but often gets very crowded on weekends. Between Bundeena and Maianbar is a lovely walk through a range of different forest types and along the way is The Basin which has some great fishing. The Aboriginal rock carvings on Jibbon Point are an enjoyable visit, with a walk along the unspoilt Jibbon Beach along the way. In Bundeena there are sculptures in the parks near the shops and once a month local artists open their studios to the public. Entry is free to the Art Trail.
    Further south via road is the road to Waterfall which goes past the falls there, always worth a look and great for photography. The various forest types give plenty of scope.

    Except for Audley, Bundeena, Maianbar, Wattamolla, Garie and Bonnie Vale there are no toilet facilities and no bins. This is wilderness, which is why it is so desirable for photography. Remember always – take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.

    1. Rob PotterRob Potter

      Thanks so very much Helen for this fantastic comment. I really appreciate that great information about not only Wedding Cake Rock and the issues that it has been facing of late but also for pointing people to other locations in the area. I also really love that saying and I think it is something that all photographers should live by: Take nothing but photographs. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time!
      Thanks again Helen. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. DEE

    Got lost three times but I was not going to give up. On our last day in this magical country we finally found it. Yes absolutely worth coming Breath taking as promise.

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