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Your privacy and the information that you give us, about yourself and your photos are important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our ‘Privacy Policies’ and the choices you make about the way your information is collected and used.

This Privacy Policy sets out the approach which Photography Hot Spots will take in relation to the treatment of personal information. It includes information on how Photography Hot Spots collects, uses discloses and keeps secure, individuals personal information. It also covers how Photography Hot Spots makes the personal information it holds available for access to and correction by the individual.

1. Collection

1.1: We (Photography Hot Spots) do not collect personal information about individuals, such as names and mailing and/or e-mail addresses, unless the individual knowingly provides it. In choosing to provide this information, you agree to be bound by Terms and Conditions of Photography Hot Spots Privacy Policy.

1.2: Photography Hot Spots will only collect personal information where the information is necessary for Photography Hot Spots to perform one or more of its functions or activities.

1.3: Photography Hot Spots collects information primarily to provide it’s users with information in regards to the best photography locations in Australia. Photography Hot Spots also collects and uses personal information for secondary purposes including:

Billing & Account Management:

  1. To promote an individuals Photography portfolio and/or business
  2. To full-fill an order/purchase made by a user for a product and/or service provided by Photography Hot Spots

1.4: Photography Hot Spots does not solicit personal information from children. User/s sixteen years and under should remember that they are required to obtain an adult’s permission before approving any and all personal information to this or any other website.

2. Use

2.1: Information supplied by individuals into Photography Hot Spots remain confidential and can/will only be accessed by Photography Hot Spots and or the user/s that submitted the information. All other uses of the information added into the database are strictly prohibited without the express consent of Photography Hot Spots. (For further information please contact us via our contact page)

2.2: Photography Hot Spots uses personal information entered into the database to complete email newsletter from those users of whom have consented to receiving the newsletter.

2.3: Photography Hot Spots will not sell, trade, or rent any of the personal information provided by an individual/s.

3. Disclosure

3.1: Photography Hot Spots may disclose personal information to any Police department/s, if they are required to do so by law.

3.2: Photography Hot Spots may disclose personal information to any Police Department/s, if they feel that any individual/s health/life is in risk.

4. Information Quality

4.1: Photography Hot Spots will review, on a regular and ongoing basis, it’s collection and storage practices to ascertain how improvements to accuracy can be achieved.

5. Information Security

5.1: Photography Hot Spots will take all reasonable steps to ensure that electronic records containing personal information are stored in facilities that are only accessible by people within Photography Hot Spots who have a genuine “need to know” as well as “right to know”.

5.2: Photography Hot Spots will review, on a regular and ongoing basis, its information security practices to ascertain how ongoing responsibilities can be achieved and maintained.

5.3: While it is hard to keep all work/images secure, Photography Hot Spots will take all reasonable steps to make sure that all work/images are secure by implementing any and all methods that will help improve the security of Photography Hot Spots as well as its users work and/or images.

6. Openness

6.1: Any individual/s wishing to make an inquiry or complaint regarding privacy, should do so by contacting the Director, Robert Potter of Photography Hot Spots by E-mail:

7. Revision to our Privacy Policy

7.1: Please note that Photography Hot Spots may revise its privacy policy at anytime. Such revisions may arise in response to changes in the law, policy, or other factors. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to review our most current policy.

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